Saturday, May 25, 2013

AMS Denali Teams Update!

It is a glorious day on the mountain today.

AMS Guide Leighan Falley's Team called in from 14,200' camp.  They did reach the top of North America and are making their way down at an enjoyable, easy pace.  All is well with them and we look forward to seeing them tomorrow.

AMS Guide Larry Holmgren  Team  called in from Denali Pass an hour ago.  They are trying for the summit today.  They made it up the Pass in very good time and are enjoying great mild temperatures today.  Everything is going great for them.

AMS Guide Nick D'Alessio's Team is making a carry of food, equipment and fuel to the Windy Corner area today. They are doing well!


Claudia Hopper said...

We are praying for your team Dale (Hammitt) and uber excited about the weather you are having!! Enjoy the Journey!!!
Pat and Claudia

Vernita said...

This is cool!