Friday, May 24, 2013

AMS Denali West Buttress Teams Updates

AMS Guide Nick D'Alessio May 10th Expedition called in from 11,200' today. Today they are picked up some of their cached items so everything is with them at camp now.  Tomorrow they will carry cache up to Windy Corner.  They are planning to move to 14,200' the day after tomorrow, depending on the weather.  The team is doing very well.

View from Windy Corner

Larry Holmgren 5/20, and team are secured in their 17,200' High Camp.  They are taking a well earned rest day today. The weather is great.  Weather permitting, they will try for the summit tomorrow.

High Camp picture by Tom Falley
We hear through the mountain grapevine that, AMS Guide Leighan Falley's  May 5 Team went for the summit yesterday and made it back to camp safely last night.  We have yet to hear from them directly, so we don't want to make any assumptions on actually making the summit.  However, we do know they are doing well and will be making their way down the mountain over the next few days.

AMS Guide Tom Torkelson May 8 team returned today to the 70 degree weather of Talkeetna.  They had a great climb and reached the summit 2 days ago.  They are all smiles.  Some of the group is currently outside sorting gear and helping AMS guide Beth Cleary clean up their tents.  This was such a great team and we loved having the pleasure of working with them again this year: Three cheers for Norwegians on Denali!

Cleaning tents

Nice and warm around HQ today.

All smiles!

sorting gears

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