Thursday, May 30, 2013

AMS Team Denali Updates Today

AMS Guide Mark Postle with the May 27 Team phoned in from 11,000' today.  They moved into the 11,000' camp today from the camp at 7,800'.  He reported warm temperature on the Mountain.  The team did very well on the move and everyone is doing great. 

AMS Guide Nate Opp's May 25th Team is carrying to the Windy Corner area and are doing well.

AMS Guide Todd Tumolo's May 24th custom Taiwanese Team is also carrying to Windy Corner today.

Everyone AMS is doing well on Denali!

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Helle said...

Way to go May 25th team!! I am especially cheering for the two Norwegians, Inger Marie and Øyvind. Inger Marie, it is sunny and warm in Oslo and perfect weather for wine on the balcony :-) looking forward to more updates. Helle