Saturday, May 25, 2013

Holmgren calls from the Top

AMS guide Larry Holmgren just called in from the top of North America at 20,320'!!!!

All are well and they had an excellent ascent.  They are taking photos and enjoying the summit at the moment and will take it slow and steady on their way down to camp tonight.

They plan to give us a call tomorrow before heading further down the mountain tomorrow.

Congratulations May 10 Expedition, you earned it.

Here are some of the views they had today:  (photos are from past AMS expeditions)

AMS Team ascending towards Denali Pass; high camp and tracks are visible in the mid ground, Mt. Foraker in the background.
AMS Team on Denali's summit ridge
AMS team reaching Denali's summit (Rob Gowler photo taken from a summit overflight)

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