Friday, May 10, 2013

Denali West Buttress Availability

Today we launch our first regular Denali West Buttress Expedition! 

Below is the updated availability of AMS Denali, West Buttress 2013 expeditions.

All below climbs will have 6 climbers: 2-3 guides, $6800, 21 days

May 10 - May 30    FULL
May 20 - June 9      1 space available
May 25 - June 14    1 spaces available
May 27 - June 16    FULL
June 3 - June 23      FULL
June 10 - June 30    FULL
June 14 - July 4       2 spaces available
June 17 - July 7       FULL available
June 23 - July 13     6 spaces available
June 27 - July 17     FULL

This photo was just sent to us by AMS guide Leighan Falley's father, Tom.
He took this from his plane today.  The vantage point is from West, looking East
towards Denali.  The saddle in the upper part of the photo is Denali Pass.  The Saddle
in the center right (in the shade (kind of hard to make out)) is the top of the fixed lines at 16,200 feet.  The
black rocks in the center right third of the picture is high camp.  The black rocky ridge in the foreground is the NorthWest Buttress of Denali and the glacier is called the Upper Peter's Glacier.  This is a cool picture from a vantage point that we rarely get to see.  Thanks Tom!!!!!!!!!!!

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