Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Falley and Torkelson at High Camp

Two AMS Denali Expeditions lead by Guides Leighan Falley and Tom Torkelson are settled in at high camp.

Both teams climbed to high camp yesterday and they both did very well on the move.  It was a nice weather day with plenty of sun and no wind and they were moving well.  They even had the chance to take off their gloves! A rare thing for this time of year.

*** Leigan Falley's team is taking a rest day today. All is well.***

We will keep you posted!

The West Buttress Route, they have traveled far!

The ridge from 16,300'-17,200' they traveled on yesterday, some say it is the most scenic part of the route.

A panorama of their view from high camp; wonderful view of the Southwestern Alaska Range, Kahiltna Glacier and Mt. Foraker.  What a reward.

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