Sunday, May 12, 2013

Falley Calls in From 14K

Just got a call from guide, Leighan Falley. She and team are at the 14,000 foot camp! They are doing great and ahead of schedule. She said that it has been cold on the mountain with minus 15F at Ski Hill (7,800 feet) a couple of nights ago but the temperatures are starting to warm up to normal.  It was -10F at 14K camp. Keep in mind that we have about 17 hours of daylight now.

Their plan is to carry some of their gear to the ridge (~16K) tomorrow and then two or three days hence they will make the move to 17K, or high camp as it is called. So they will get a nice rest at 14K before making the move to put them in place for a summit attempt.

The National Park Service now has a link to current activity on the mountain. On that page is a link to daily weather observations. This information is called in by the park rangers every day.

There are only 134 people on the mountain and not many have made it up to 14K so they get the place to themselves for now.

BTW, Leighan says, "Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there."

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