Friday, May 10, 2013

Holmgren - May 10,2013 Denali West Buttress Launches!

AMS Guides Larry HolmgrenNoah Ronczkowski and Keith Sidle with their Denali West Buttress expedition just left for the airport to fly on to the Kahiltna Glacier's Basecamp.  This team is already a well oiled machine.

Yesterday, the entire team participated in our Denali Skills Workshop.  They got their technical gear in order, reviewed glacier travel techniques, crevasse rescue, and fixed line ascension. 

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The team was here early today and ready to begin.  They were all well prepared and gear check went quickly.  They enjoyed themselves in the food room as they packed their own lunches from our food rooom (with our guidance) for the expedition.  After lunch and their NPS briefing they finished up packing gear.  They were all smiles as they left for the airport.   They all want to see green grass and Alaska's first blooming flowers, bluebells, when they return to Talkeetna! 

A colorful and great team! The May 10 Denali Holmgren Team: Guide Noah Ronczkowski, Larry Holmgren, Stefan, Stina, Yuri, Joe, Guide Keith Sidle, Jeff, Bo

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