Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mountain Update

Falley's 5/5 expedition just called in from 14K. They are still waiting for conditions to improve before moving to high camp. They are snug in their tents and pleasantly passing the time. Of course, they have company with Torkelson's 5/8 expedition also there. Torkelson's team hopes to do a carry to the 16K ridge when conditions permit.

A correction to yesterday's post regarding Holmgren's 5/10 Expedition. Today they did a carry up to Windy Corner (13,200) and then descended back to the 11K camp. This is common practice which allow the team to move some of their gear up and then sleep at a lower elevation. Weather and snow pack dependent, they will move camp up to 14K tomorrow.  

Here's some photos from last season (2012) of 14K camp...

The kitchen/cook tent is the social hub of every climb.

You always build snow walls around the tents to buffet from the storms.

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