Friday, May 3, 2013

Mountaineering Course Update

The weather today has been a mix of rain and snow.  Things have been really busy here at AMS.  Guides Leighan Falley, Wes Bunch and Robert Wing spent the day preparing for a Denali West Buttress to launch in a few days.

We have both a 6 Day and 12 Mountaineering Courses out in the field.  The weather has prevented the air taxis from flying.  The instructors Alex Strout (MTC12) and Dustin English (MTC6) checked in earlier today and every thing is good.  They are enjoying an extra day in the field.

We have also welcomed our interns this week.  Rebekah and Jake arrived on Friday and immediately went to work.  We are happy they are here helping out!

 Jake checking tents


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