Friday, June 14, 2013

AMS Janes 6/14 Denali West Buttress

AMS Guides Mike Janes, Alex Stroud and their team are on the Kahiltnta Glacier!  They departed this afternoon, all set to go after an excellent afternoon together.

This is another international team representing Albania, Germany, Great Britain, an the United States.  They had a busy day completing all their day one tasks.   They enjoyed the warm summer weather but were anxious to get on their way.

I am sure they have enjoyed their first nights meal (veggie and steak stir- fry with rice) and are settled in their sleeping bags for the night right now.  They will switch to night schedule to travel the lower portion of the climb, to take advantage of the cool temperatures.

 Gjergi, Gerti, Iglin, Charles, Jon, Guide Alex Stroud, Boris, Guide Mike Janes

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