Saturday, June 1, 2013

Coombs Custom Expedition Heads Out...D'Alessio Heads Down.

AMS Guide and owner Colby Coombs and team flew into base camp moments ago. We like to see Colby in that fabulous one-piece blue and yellow suit each climbing season. Paul is eager to get on the mountain for his third attempt.

Guides Colby with Lisle (not a guide and not going) Jake, Mike and climber Paul. Notice those flowers in the flower box!

Another quick update: Nick D'Alessio's 5/20 expedition is at 14K and departing for the 7,000 feet base camp tonight. If the weather permits, they will fly out tomorrow....7 days early!!
With a well prepared team and good weather anything is possible.

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Dana said...

Way to Go Nicki-Baby! Wish we were there! Dana and Reid