Sunday, June 9, 2013

Denali Updates

Mainer, Sidle and Paul N. have returned to beautiful downtown Talkeetna today. Yup, that's pretty fast but remember they were on Everest just 3 weeks ago and were acclimated and in super-fit shape.

According to Guide Keith Sidle of Mainer's 6/3 team...the 6/4 Bunch team is "fit and frisky" and was moving up to 11,000 foot camp. Glacier conditions remain good.

We were just sent these photos taken by Tom Walker showing the crew on the Muldrow Centennial Climb starting out. They have about a 25 mile hike across tundra and a couple of river crossings to reach the glacier. Tom is the author of a new book about Harry Karstens, called The Seventy Mile Kid: The Lost Legacy of Harry Karstens and the First Ascent of Mount McKinley.

Here's the 10-member team about to start crossing the McKinely River.

Those are sleds on their backs which they will need once they reach the Muldrow Glacier. 
As we hear from other teams we will update the blog. It is a beautiful day (once again) and you can check the current weather and other climbing statistics here.

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