Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Denali Upper Mountain Update

Coomb's 6/1 custom West Buttress team is at 11,000 feet. They are moving quickly. Their plan is to move up to 14,000 feet, weather permitting.

Guide Todd Tumolo with Team Taiwan called in from 14K. Their team along with Opp 5/25 and Postle 5/27 are all happy and resting.

Below are some pictures of the 14K camp on prior expeditions...

A typical group scene in the kitchen/cook tent. That is Nate Opp from a couple of summers ago.

We have a team at 7,200, one at 11,500 and three teams at 14,200 feet.

Pizza is always a favorite meal on the mountain.

On a nice day, we can open the posh (kitchen ten) up for some fresh air and view.

Leaving 14K camp on the approach to the fixed lines below the headwall.

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