Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Here's What's Happening...

D'Alessio 5/20 - OUT and back in the Green Zone!!!
(The weather was not promising all day but they just snuck out moments ago!)

Bunch's 6/3 West Buttress Expedition flew into base camp one day late.

Opp 5/25 is on a rest day at 14K

Postle 5/27 did a carry of gear to the 16K

Lots of gear packing for expeditions leaving later this week.

12 Day Mountaineering Course led by Guides, Greg Runyan and Brian Skean has been here today. They are hoping to fly onto the Eldridge Glacier; not looking likely but they can continue their skills tomorrow around Headquarters.

Omar, james, Jorge and Dale just arrived minutes ago!!!!!

The AFTER picture of Nick's 5/20 Team

Yi-Pei and Instructor Brian Skean getting some rock shoes.

Chris and Amy sorting their gear for the course.

Karim and Instructor Greg Runyan checking the list twice.

Intern Rebekah, Guide Dana Larkin and super duper Shop/Office/lunch maker Addie getting some couch and girl time.

The June 3 Expedition Team: David, Guide Beth, Pieter, Brian, Guide Wes, Pierre, Maury and Howard. 

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