Sunday, June 16, 2013

More Denali Updates!

There's a bunch of AMS folks at the 14K camp.

Hamill's 6/10 team arrived at the 14,000 foot base camp today and they are joining Corn's Custom Denali team as well as Bunch's 6/3 team. Bunch and Corn should be moving up to high camp tomorrow. Hamill's team will do a back carry to retreive their gear at the 13,500 cache. Then they might take a rest day or do a  front carry to the 16,200 ridge.

Collin's West Rib team called in and they are "happily installed at their high camp" at 16,200 feet on the West Rib. They have a bomb-proof camp fortified with a snow cave. Tomorrow they will make their summit attempt.

Here are some photographs (taken in prior years) of the scene at 14K and the West Rib.
Ascending the headwall; see 14 K camp waaay below.

Fish Eye view of 14 K camp; headwall in the background.

NPS Rangers write the weather forecast each day.

The kitchen cook tent or 'posh', as it is called. It is the gathering place for all meals.
Climbers on the West Rib Route.

West Rib Route

Another view of 14K camp. Those are climbers entering camp, Mount Hunter in the background.

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