Saturday, June 8, 2013

Muldrow Centennial Expedition

The months of preparations and planning are now complete.  The Centennial Muldrow Team led by AMS guides Hunter Dahlberg, Elliot Gaddy, Dustin English, & Paige Brady boarded a bus to Denali National Park this morning to begin their expedition. 

The team is comprised of family members of the original 1913 Expedition.  The 1913 Expedition team members were Walter Harper, Hudson Stuck, Harry Karstens and Robert Tatum.  Our team is comprised of Dan Hopkins (Hudson Stuck's great nephew), Ken Karstens and Ray Schuenemann (direct descendents of Harry Karstens),  Dana Wright (direct descendent of Walter Harper),  Sam Tatum (direct descendent of Robert Tatum),  Sam Alexander (an Alaska Native who grew up in Ft Yukon, where Hudson organized the expedition).  They have done a tremendous amount of organizing to gather this team together to make this happen, they are a strong and energetic team and ready for their adventure ahead.

Our team will be following in the footsteps of their heritage by climbing the Muldrow route up Denali from the North Side.  We are thrilled to be part of this adventure.

Ken, Guides Hunter Dalhberg, Dustin English, Sam, Sam, Dana, Dan, Ray, Guides Elliot Gaddy; Paige Brady

Transportation to the Park

Loading the bus that will take them to their trail head near Wonder Lake.

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