Sunday, June 30, 2013

Muldrow Centennial Update

AMS Guide Dustin English just phoned at 10:45 AM. The Muldrow Centennial team reached the base of the great ice fall at 8,100 feet. They left yesterday's camp at 12,000 feet, at midnight and hiked through the night. They said the glacier "froze good" last night. They are going to catch some sleep and get up at midnight tonight; they hope to make it to McGonagall Pass.

Once they reach McGonagall Pass they will need to reorganize their gear for the hike across the tundra. From there it is about a 22 mile hike including two river crossings and then they will be on the Denali Park road. They will catch a bus for the 85 mile ride to the Park's entrance.  The weather and river conditions are among the factors in determining their exact return day; but we estimate two to three days.
The Ice Fall is marked at the bottom of this image.

A photo of the Harper Icefall. Karstens Ridge is the left hand ridge. The North Summit is on the right. Photo: Jeff Pfuleger

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