Sunday, June 2, 2013

Talkeetna Hang/Kahiltna Hang

It happens every season...eventually the weather prevents planes from flying in and out of the Range.

Nick D'Alessio's 5/20 expedition made it to the 7,200 foot base camp early this morning but it is not flyable at this time. They are doing what is known as the "Kahiltna Hang." We'll keep you posted when it is flyable.

Meanwhile, here in Talkeetna Aaron, Mainer's 6/2 custom West Buttress Expedition  is waiting to fly out. They are doing what we call the "Talkeetna Hang."

We have 5 people taking the Denali Skills Workshop today. Melis Coady's Foraker team is unpacking and sorting their gear and lots of guides are packing for upcoming expeditions and film work.
Foraker Gear Sorting

Melis  taking care of business

Expedition member, Paul is practicing the Talkeetna Hang

AMS guides are packing food.

Tent and rope drying happens indoors on rainy days.

Denali Skills Workshop practices.

Maury is geared up for the glacier.

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