Tuesday, July 9, 2013

AMS Denali Update

I just heard from both AMS guide, Rob Gowler and AMS/ IMG guide Greg Vernovage.

Rob's June 27th Team moved to 17,200, high camp today.  They are doing well and it is snowing there now, but traveled when the weather was good to move, they had perfect timing.  They are getting settled into their tents and enjoying some hot soup!

Greg's June 25th Team descended from 17,200' and are currently at 14,200'.  tomorrow they plan to rest up and, if the weather permits, they will descend further and hope to arrive at  the 7,200' base camp and fly back to Talkeetna Thursday. It is snowing there now, so they are enjoying some quiet time and hot food in the lower elevations.

Both of these teams are doing a great job working with the weather on the  mountain; timing and judgement are key and these teams are strong and moving well.

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