Saturday, July 6, 2013

Denali AMS Teams Update

AMS Guides, Rob Gowler from the June 25 Expedition and Greg Vernovage from the June 27 Expedition phoned in today.

Greg's Team is doing well, they were napping after having made the move to high camp in 6 hours yesterday.  He said it was a perfect day to move yesterday and that all are well and everyone is doing great.  They are taking a rest day today and will be waiting for good weather to make their summit attempt.

Rob's Team is also doing great.  They are also taking a rest day today and acclimatizing to the new elevation.  They are doing great and are happy to be at 14,200'.

14,200' camp. Great Views of Mt. Hunter and the Alaska Range beyond.

Looking at High Camp from photographer's Tom Falley's airplane.


JoLee McLean said...

Yay team vernovage!!!!

JoLee McLean said...

Greg! You're awesome!!!! (call me)

Jill Gifford said...

Cool pics of 14.2 camp. Thanks!