Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gowler Team update

The final AMS Team of the 2013 Denali season has sucessfully made the descent to 14,200'.  They plan to stay for the night. 

It is warm there today, so they plan to have an early wake up and descend at about 4:00 AM, which will allow them to take advantage of the cold temperatures and firm snow conditions for traveling.

Rob said that they are planning for a return to Talkeetna on Tuesday morning, we look forward to welcoming them back!

Here are some past photos of the terrain they covered today:

View point towards the South West from 17,200': high camp

16K Ridge between high camp and top of the fixed lines.
The 16K Ridge again, it is super beautiful, Mt Foraker in background.

14,200' camp, today there are less camps than in the photo, Mt Hunter in background

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