Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mountain Update

AMS Guide Rob Gowler/6/27 just phoned in from the 14K Camp. The weather is 'unsettled' with clouds and light snow. They are going for a day hike over to the 'fixed lines.' Rob said he can see the top of the ridge and up to 17K camp. He guesses it is not a summit day and so AMS Guide Greg Vernovage (IMG/AMS) and team are probably waiting for better weather.

Gowler said his team is 'uber-strong.' Despite already having a camp to move in to, they made many improvements and dug the kitchen out more and put in lots of counter space. The dubbed the place, "Taj Ma Hole." Then, last night after dinner, it looked like some weather was going come in so they fortified the walls....making them five feet high! Rob said they are all hard workers and it took them only 20 minutes! (they are able to appropriate snow blocks from abandoned camps, but still that is impressive)

Meanwhile here at AMS we have the Combat Wounded Veterans Challenge getting ready for their six day mountaineering course. They are gear checking now. They are flying into the Ruth Glacier tomorrow morning.

Rob Gowler instructs climbers on clipping in and out of fixed lines; a skill needed when the team ascends to the 16K ridge. (photo from 2012)

The kitchen tent or 'posh' as it is known. To make this a giant hole is dug first.

You can customize the kitchen with seats and counters.

All sleeping tents have a wall around them in anticipation of storms with high winds.

Every day the NPS rangers post the forecast. This is from 2012 but I' sure it is about the same today.

On a nice day you can open up the tent for fresh air and more views.

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Jill Gifford said...

Thanks to Rob for calling in with an update. It sounds like they are having FUN!