Monday, July 1, 2013

Mountain Updates

AMS Guide Hunter Dahlberg  of the Centennial Climb just called from McGonagall Pass! The group is tired but "stoked to be off the glacier and camping on dirt again." They are going to take a rest and tomorrow they will hike to the mountain side of the McKinley River. They will camp there on Tuesday night and in the wee hours of Wednesday morning they will cross the river. Because the McKinley River is a glacially-fed river, warm temperatures create more water volume, so crossing at the coolest time of day is the best bet.

When they crossed the river on their way to the mountain, they had no problems and the river was only knee deep. Let's hope for the same upon the return.

If they are able to cross the river on Wednesday morning then they have a four mile hike from the river to the Park Road where they will take a bus to the east entrance of the park. We estimate that they should be there late on Wednesday afternoon.

The view from McGonagall Pass; must be nice to see all that green after three weeks of white. Wildflowers are in full bloom right now.

Gowler 6/27 phoned from 11,000 feet on the West Buttress Route. The had planned to do a carry to 13,500 foot with some of their gear but poor weather prevented this. It is snowing and blowing so they will take a rest day instead. These are built into their schedule so they aren't getting behind schedule. They have fortified snow walls and excellent tents and this gives them a day to do some reading, sleeping, eating and socializing.

You can check weather conditions given by the National Park Rangers from the 7,000 and 14,000 foot camps here.

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