Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mountain Updates

Muldrow Centennial Team is at the McKinley River! They will camp there tonight and cross the river in the morning. They should be at the park road by 1:00PM where a shuttle bus will transport them to the east entrance; arrival time is estimated to be around 4:30PM.

Family and friends can meet them at the McKinley Chalet lodging located just outside of the Park's entrance. A big thanks to Doyon/Aramark and Denali Park Resorts for lodging and transportation. The team will be transported to Talkeetna via Aramark tomorrow night!

Gowler 6/27 is still at 11,000 feet. The weather continues to be stormy so they are holding tight. Here's a link to the Denali Mountain forecast

Here's a tent scene for you...
Tent groups usually are 3-4 persons.

That's Rob Gowler from last year's Denali Expedition.

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