Thursday, July 4, 2013

Muldrow Centennial Team Back in Talkeetna

The team arrived at AMS headquarters around 10:00 PM last night. They had quite the welcoming party from the time they crossed the McKinley river all the way to the Park's entrance. After cinnamon buns at the river they were met by a relative of Johnny Fredson. She brought caribou stew and sourdough biscuits! Fredson was one of two young men who helped porter gear and care for the sled dogs on the 1913 ascent.

At the entrance there were about 30 relatives and friends, along with Alaskan Episcopal Bishop, Mark Lattime. Lattime was representing Archdeacon Hudson Stuck from the 1913 team. More food, drink and celebrations continued until they boarded the bus to Talkeetna. What happened after'll have to ask them yourselves as we have not seen hide nor hair of the them this morning.

Bishop Mark Lattime with Dana Wright. Dana is related to Walter Harper, who was the first person to set foot on the summit in 1913. Dana was also the first person on the summit of this 2013 expedition.

We hope to get a final group picture of the team clean shaven, well rested(?) and of course, very happy.

Congratulations to the whole group for a job well done and history made, again!

Ray Schuenemann (and daughter), Sam Alexander, Mark Lattime, Dana Wright, Dan Hopkins, Ken Karstens

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