Thursday, July 4, 2013

West Buttress Updates

Gowler 6/27 - Team is still at 11,000 feet. It is snowing. They thought they had an opportunity to move up last night but, alas, the weather closed in on them. They are in camp probably doing some camp maintenance such as keeping the snow off their tents. Because they have built snow walls around their tents they also have to keep the snow on the outside of the snow walls. Sooo, lots of shoveling, reading, eating, snoozing.

AMS/IMG Vernovage 6/25 - Still at 14K. Weather is about the same as Gowler's team however AMS guide Travis McAlpine said he is giving some cooking lessons. This morning they made blueberry pancakes and and bacon. Today is a rest day for them anyway so let's hope the weather clears and then can make the move to high camp tomorrow per their schedule.

Rob Gowler from 2012 making his 'famous' enchilada pie.

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