Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 12-Day in the Mountains!

It is raining heavily across the state of Alaska but our 12-day mountaineering course was able to fly into the 5,000 foot level of the Matanuska glacier in the Chugach mountains.

Yesterday, Sept. 4, late morning the 8-member team flew by dueling super cub bush planes onto the glacial moraine below the lovely Scandinavian peaks.

Hoeschen called in the evening to say the team was doing well and was excited to be on the glacier.

The skies briefly cleared last night for a glimpse of the night sky heavily crowded with stars. Because of the enormous amount of daylight we get at this latitude during the summer, this is the first time since early March we can see stars this clearly in the mountains. It is not unusual this time of year for our teams to witness the aurora, northern lights, a stunning event to witness in the mountains so far away from light pollution.

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