Sunday, April 27, 2014

AMS 6 Day Mountaineering Course - Stroud and our first Denali West Buttress - Corn expedition send-out!

AMS 6 day Mountaineering Course participants enjoy a hearty meal made with love, before heading out into the Alaska Range!

AMS co-director, Caitlin Palmer, shares her experiences and insight on Denali West Buttress route with participants.

AMS's first Denali West Buttress expedition of the 2014season with guides Dan Corn and Noah Ronczkowski flew out today with Talkeetna Air Taxi on a blue-bird Alaska day. Great day to be starting a climb!

AMS 6 Day Mountaineering Course with lead guide Alex Stroud headed out to the Pika Glacier, Alaska Range today for some fun and intensive learning in the sun and snow!

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