Saturday, May 3, 2014

12 Day Mountaineering Course- English & 6 Day Mountaineering Course- Stroud: Return!

AMS guides Dustin English, Adam Fabrikant, and Alex Stroud return to AMS headquarters today and yesterday with smiles, glacier tans, and brains full of great mountaineering skills knowledge. The 12-day group really melded together throughout the time as they moved around quite a bit on the Pika glacier, up close and personal to the Alaska Range beauty. It is hot in town and hot on the glacier, but everyone stayed well protected and are excited to go try out their new skills!

AMS 12 Day Mountaineering Course student led unnamed peak ascent.

AMS- 12 day Mountaineering Course enjoying a team meal together in the Pika.

Where's AMS crew? Find the 12 day campsite in the shadow. Fly over picture of the Pika.

AMS 12 day course- English back safe and ready to go out for a celebratory meal.
Left to Right: Daryl, Lori, Daniel, Peter, Dustin, Adam, and Megan. 

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