Monday, May 19, 2014

6 Day Mountaineering Course, 5/13, D' Alessio

AMS guide Nick D'Alessio, returned last evening with assistant guide Jake and team in good spirits having had an entire week of high pressure, clear weather until the very last day of snow and wind. Everyone had a great time on Glacier 1 in the Alaska Range learning basic mountaineering skills, even ascending two localized peaks to get some awe inspiring views. The Great One, Denali, was visible the whole time. This area also holds "fake peak" which is famous for the "claim of the first ascent of Denali." The students learned skills such as snow camping, placing snow pickets, roped travel, crevasse rescue, etc. The climbers were able to go on their own rope team back to the airstrip on the last day. Everyone is stoked to have gotten out, climbed some localized peaks, and learned about basic mountaineering.

AMS 6-day team getting ready to ascend a peak after practicing crevasse rescue in the snow moat behind them.

AMS assistant guide Jake Kayes teaching Jason, Wally, Tim, and Mackenzie about snow pickets on Glacier 1.

AMS 6 day team ascending a peak out of Glacier 1 for some amazing views.

Views from 6,400' peak in Glacier 1: Broken Tooth, Bear's Tooth, Denali, and South side of Mt. Hunter.

AMS climber Wally enjoying his time out on a summit as a refresher for Denali. After a lot of personal training he will be joining us soon for a climb up the Great One.

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