Friday, May 16, 2014

AMS Denali West Buttress, 5/6, Pat Ormond and a few other team updates via Pat.

AMS guide Pat Ormond just called in from 14.  He said that his team is all doing really well.  Two days ago, they made the move up to 14K in about 5 1/2 hours!  That's FAST!  Strong team.  They made their back carry yesterday and were hoping to make a carry up to the top of the fixed lines today.  Pat said that it was nuking on the 16 ridge though and they were going to wait to do their carry until the winds die down.

Mr. Ormond said that all of the AMS teams in camp are doing great.  

He also said that AMS Guide Torkelson and his team rested in camp at 11K yesterday and he thought that they would most likely be moving up to 14 today.

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