Tuesday, May 20, 2014

AMS Denali West Buttresses, 5/6,Ormond, 5/9 Torkelson, 5/11 Bradley, 5/1 Passey, 5/12 Postle, 5/2 Tumolo

AMS guide Pat Ormond, called in yesterday evening from 14,200' camp where several AMS crews are now camped and awaiting the winds to subside. Ormond's team made a carry to the fixed lines.  The crew is still holding at 14,200' due to winds up higher on the mountain, no new snow.

AMS lead guides Torkelson and Postle Teams,  are all at 14,200' camp as well, having arrived yesterday. Everyone is happy to be at camp together and are in good spirits.

AMS teams lead by Bradley and Passey, are all at 14,200' camp as well.

AMS guides Tumolo and Horton, were camped at 7800' last night and are at Kahiltna basecamp and are heading back to Talkeetna today.

Denali 14'200' camp on a busy mid-season day. Awesome sumitt of Mt. Foraker in background.

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