Monday, May 5, 2014

Custom Denali Upper West Rib - 5/2, Todd Tumolo

AMS Guide Todd Tumolo called in from the base of Ski Hill.  They made a carry and cached gear, food and fuel at the 9,700' elevation today and are planning on moving to 11K tomorrow.  He said that they are all doing well.

Tomorrow, they will probably walk right on by their cache that they put in today (they might grab a thing or two off of the top) and head straight to camp.  The following day they will back carry (descend) to 9700' to retrieve their cache.

This method is called double carrying.  It is a really good way to acclimate and also a really good way to move heavy loads up the mountain.  Carry high, sleep low.  There are front carries and back carries.

They are all well.

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