Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Denali Traverse, 5/25, Dustin English

AMS Guide Dustin English let us know that his team and 3 other AMS teams (West Buttress, Alex Stroud, West buttress Larry Holmgren and Private West buttress Forest Wagner) all arrived into camp at the bottom of ski hill this morning.

An AMS train so to speak.  He said that everyone is psyched.  It is currently snowing and low visibility.

They'll be carrying tomorrow somewhere in the vicinity of Kahiltna Pass.

Here's a picture of ski hill.  The groups in camp right now probably won't be able to see ski hill because of the snow, but if they could, this is what they'd see.  From the bottom of ski hill you can pretty much just follow a due North bearing all the way to Kahiltna Pass.  It's possible to make carries and moves in low visibility weather like they are currently experiencing  on the lower mountain.

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