Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Denali Traverse, 5/25: English, and West Buttress Teams: 5/25 AG/AMS Japanese Team: Stroud, 5/26:Wagner, 5/26 Holmgren

AMS Guide Alex Stroud leading the AG / AMS Japanese team phoned in today.  They are at the  first camp at 7,800' on the Kahiltna Glacier.   It is snowing and warm there and all is well.  He reports there is no wind at the 7,800' camp.  Today the carried some of their extra food, fuel and equipment higher on the glacier to 9,800'.  They might make a move upward tomorrow or may rest in camp and move on Friday depending on how everyone feels after the trip to higher elevations today.

AMS guide Forest Wagner's custom team also carried higher today and is well.

The May 26 team lead by Holmgren and the May 25 Traverse team lead by Engish are also at the 7,800' camp. Alex believes that they rested in camp today and will make their carries higher tomorrow. He reoports atha ll are doing well!

All AMS teams at 7,800' are well and enjoying a rest after the big move out of base camp and out onto the glacier.
This is the terrain they are travel ling though on the Kahiltna Glacier, this is a previous AMS team is traveling in pretty good weather, but you can see the visibility isn't great.  The teams up there now have less visibility then in this photo.

An AMS team taking a rest break at about 8,000'.  If it were clear today, this would be their view down the Kahiltna Glacier.

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