Sunday, May 25, 2014

Denali, Upper West Buttress AMS Teams update: 5/11-Torkelson, 5/9 -Bradley

We received a call from AMS guide Tom Torkelson at 17,200' tonight:

The AMS team lead by Tom Torkelson made a bid for the top but turned back high on the mountain at about 19,400'.  They were back at high camp after a strong day of safely ascending over 2,000' and then descending back to to camp.  Good Job!  They plan to descend to 14,200' tomorrow and then reach base camp and hope to fly back to Talkeetna on Monday or Tuseday.  We look forward to hearing more about their adventure. We wish them all the best and good weather for their travels ahead.

The custom team lead by Tyson Bradley also made a go for the summit and as of a few hours ago they were still enroute back to high camp.  We look forward to hearing more news from them.

AMS 17,200' high camp and Denali pass in background on Denali's West Buttress

Another photo of high camp and windblown snow walls, with a windy Denali Pass 18,200' in the background, clouds like this indicate to most climbers that the winds are too strong to travel in at such high altitudes.

Aprox. 19,400' on Denali's West Buttress route, where Torkelson's team reached today.
AMS team nearing the top of Denali Pass 18,200', Mt. Foraker in the background, high camp is visible below if you hunt for it.

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