Thursday, May 15, 2014

Denali West Buttress, 4/27, Dan Corn

We just talked to AMS Guide Dan Corn at high camp.  They are still the only team at high camp.  They said that they had some really strong winds up high on Denali the last couple of days.  He estimated that the winds were blowing over 80 MPH at Denali Pass and even more near the summit.

Dan said that they were more protected in camp and that they had giant fortress like walls surrounding their tents.  Every camp on Denali can dish out a proper storm.  But none like high camp.   Dan said that everyone was going great and are very strong.  They all actually enjoyed the storm and were hoping for something like that.  Ben was actually shadow boxing and making shadow puppets!

Here's a picture of a pretty windy day at Denali High camp.  The low point on the ridge above camp is Denali Pass.

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amanda resecker-boyd said...

Thanks for the update. Love to hear how the trip is goin!