Saturday, May 17, 2014

Denali West Buttress, 5/12, Postle

AMS guide Mark Postle just texted from his sat phone.  He said that they made a carry to Windy Corner and that his whole team is doing really well.

They'll either be taking a rest day tomorrow or moving up to 14K, depending on the weather.

Must have been pretty warm on this cache day at the Corner!  Some seasons the wind blows much of the snow away at windy corner and in order to safeguard our caches from the ravens, we pile lots of rocks on top of the caches to keep the ravens away from our food.  This is a similar method used on Aconcagua.


Anonymous said...

We are thinking of all of you each day! So proud of Michael :) -The Rodriguez' in Fayetteville, NC

K R said...

Send our best wishes from North Carolina! Hoping Michael is doing great :) I know he is! Sending our love! The Rodriguez'

K R said...

Sending our best wishes from North Carolina! Tell Michael we love him and miss him and are so proud of all that he does :) best of luck to the whole Team!

The Rodriguez'

amanda resecker-boyd said...

Nice to see everyone is doing great! Can't wait to see Paul at the bottom!