Sunday, May 25, 2014

Denali, West Buttress - 5/23, Opp

AMS guide Nate Opp phoned in tonight from the first camp at 7,800' aka the base of Ski Hill, they are doing well and and are moving along right on schedule.  Everyone is doing great!  They are a fun and cohesive team.

This is the area where they are camped on the Kahiltna Glacier, tomorrow they will move up the hill to the left of these climbers.  They will travel on the main flow (smooth part) of the snow covered glacier.  This photo shows a team just beginning to probe out a campsite on the glacier, the climber in the mid ground uses the long pole to feel for crevasses, if s/he finds any, they will move the campsite to a place where the glacier is solid.  We then mark the areas where we have probed so everyone remembers to stay inside the known "safe" zone.

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