Friday, May 30, 2014

Denali, West Buttress 5/26: Holmgren & Denali Traverse 5/25: English

We just received a late night text from 11,000' camp.   AMS teams lead by Larry Homgren and Dustin English have arrived at 11,000' camp on Denali.

They traveled to camp today in whiteout conditions, following GPS coordinates to get to camp.  They reported that the post-holed (punching though the snow, even with snowshoes) along much of the route up today. Punchy snow means either warm temperatures or deep fresh snow up there, I'm sure they are looking forward to some clearing so the temps will drop and snow will stop for a while.  That sounds like a long day and lots of work.

Congrats to these hardworking teams.

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Jenn said...

Way to go team! Not surprised that they pushed thru to 11k with GPS and post holing. Team member Uwe Mayer is an animal in the mountains! I've have seen him post hole for hours on end and have followed him in whiteout using a keychain compass. From balmy San Diego I hope temps drop and the snow stiffens up for u guys. Keep it up.. be safe! Big love Jenn