Thursday, May 8, 2014

Denali West Buttress - 4/27, Dan Corn

AMS guide Dan Corn just called in from 14,200' camp.  They are happy to be up there breathing in the thin air.

They had a good move today and are planning on doing a back carry in the morning to retrieve their cache at 13,500'.  It's about a 20-30 min down hill walk to the cache site and about an hour and a half back up to 14 camp.  As of right now the plan is to pack in some skills review tomorrow afternoon and head up the fixed lines the following day for some acclimatizing and to ferry a load up onto the 16K ridge.

Dan said the move to 14 was nice and warm and he was actually wearing his sun hoodie the whole day.  It's pretty nice when you can get a day liken that to move around the corner.  It's not always like that.
Photo of 14,200' camp on the West Buttress.  It becomes nice tent village as the season progresses mid way up the climb in a basin area, the view of Mt. Foraker is breathtaking.

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