Wednesday, May 21, 2014

** Denali, West Buttress updates: 5/12 Postle, 5/11 Passey, 5/5 Ormond +++

AMS Guide Mark Postle and his team are doing well at 14,200' camp.  They made a carry today to the top of the fixed lines at 16,200'.  Postle's team will either try to move up to high camp tomorrow or take a rest day and then try to move up when they have the right weather.

AMS guide Pat Ormond and his team are at High camp, they moved up there yesterday and are doing well.  They'll be looking for a good summit day weather window now.

Todd Passey and his team are at 14K resting today and will be looking to move up to high camp tomorrow, if possible.

The winds have subsided a lot lately is the word from the upper mountain.

** Everyone is doing well out there.  PLEASE keep in mind that no news is good news!  The teams are in their own little worlds up on the mountain.  They are having a good time and concentrating on drying out their boot liners, not letting their water bottles freeze, getting their snacks put together for the day, building snow walls around the tents and kitchen, putting on sun screen and lip balm, charging their kindles, hydrating, learning all kinds of stuff from their guides, resting, carrying, back carrying and last but not least climbing the mountain.  They are of course thinking about all of their friends and family too.  Some guides check in more often than others.  All communication from the mountains to Talkeetna is via satellite phone.  The sat phones are primarily in case of an emergency.  We will update the blog when ever we get updates from the mountain.  When a guide calls in we try to get info about other teams, but don't always get as much info as we'd like to share with all of you following the blog.  Thanks for understanding.

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