Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Denali, West Rib/Buttress- 5/5 Ormond, 5/11, Bradely, 5/9 Torkelson

Great overview map of Denali's West Buttress Route
AMS Guide Pat Ormond just phoned in from high camp.  They are all well, they are playing some mean card games while waiting on weather for a bid for the summit.

Tyson Bradley, Adam Fabrikant, and Billy Haas and team are at high camp as well.  They are doing great.  Adam sends out a special hello to Erin!

Tom Torkelson and Jeremiah Phelps are moving to high camp today, and will be happy to meet up with the teams there.  That is a long move with a lot of altitude so they will be happy to arrive to friendly faces.

AMS team moving up on the 16K ridge!

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