Saturday, May 17, 2014

Huntington,Harvard Ridge, Kevin Mahoney

AMS guide Kevin Mahoney called in from the Tokasitna Glacier yesterday after they had just climbed the Harvard route on Mount Huntington.  Kevin said the conditions were perfect!  The put in one camp at the base of the nose pitch, which they used on the their way back down.

Mahoney had only been back in camp for 20 minutes when I talked to him, but they were just about do some rehydrating and sleeping.

The Harvard route on Huntington sees very little traffic.  Base camp for Huntington, on the Tokasitna Glacier, sees a fair bit of traffic but because the Tokasitna also seems to see more snow accumulation than almost anywhere else in the Alaska Range, Huntington itself is a very elusive mountain to climb.

This was Steve's 2nd attempt to climb Huntington and he SCORED!!

Below are a few photos from a couple other AMS Guides (Todd Tumolo and Dustin Eroh) when they climbed the Harvard Ridge a few years ago.

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