Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mt. Huntington,Harvard Route - 5/13, Mahoney

AMS Guide Kevin Mahoney, returned last night with AMS alumni Steve Trafton after a successful trip on the Harvard route of Mt. Huntington. The high pressure in the area gave them a leg up on this route that people often end up sitting around on glacier waiting for weather to clear. They started the route early morning, climbed up to the bivy site called The Nose, stashed their gear, summited  and rappelled back down to bivy site.  After spending the night here, they continued down the next morning to the Tokositna glacier. Several other groups were on various routes, but they only had to share one anchor. This seems to be the year to be on Huntington! Some claim it is one of the more aesthetic routes in North America, Congratulations guys!

AMS Huntington crew dropped off at the Tokositna glacier 5/13.

AMS alumni Steve getting an early start on the Harvard Route of Huntington.

Feeling the grandness and exposure of being up in elevation in the Alaska Range.

AMS alumni Steve Trafton having a good time on route.

AMS team Mahoney and Trafton SUMMIT! Mt. Huntington via Harvard Route.

AMS crew descending from Huntington summit.

Part of the fun: glacier plane flight in and out of Talkeetna.

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