Friday, May 23, 2014

Denali West Buttress - 5/5 Ormond, 5/11 Passey

AMS Guide Pat Ormond just called in from 14K camp.  They are shooting to arrive at Base Camp tomorrow morning.  He said that it is looking like a nice night for traveling back to base.

He said all is well on the mountain with AMS's teams.

Pat said that Todd Passey and his team turned around at the bottom of the fixed lines and returned to 14,200' basin camp.  They will try the move to high camp on another day.  They have plenty of time, no worries there.

AMS team moving on the ridging between 16,000' and 17,200', a favorite part of the route.

AMS teams moving around Windy Cormer

AMS teams desending from the fixed lines on the West Buttress route. 14,200' camp is below and to the left of the climbers on the snowy plateau, Mt. Foraker is the peak on the right.

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