Friday, May 23, 2014

Some more Denali high mountain updates.

Here are some updates from the mountain.  AMS Guide Tom Torkelson called in the updates.

Denali West Buttress, 5/9, Torkelson.  Tom and his team are standing by at high camp.  He and his crew decided to take a another rest day today.  They are hanging out fortifying their camp and getting some mild exercise.  Tom said the winds at high camp were about 70 MPH last night.  All of our crews weathered the storm no problem.

Denali West Buttress, 5/5, Pat Ormond and his team went for the summit today but were turned around by very cold temperatures.  Tom said the winds weren't too bad, but that it was pretty darn cold today.  Pat's crew are on their way down from high camp right now.  Their expedition is scheduled to fly out the day after tomorrow.

Tyson Bradley and his small custom expedition team also went for the summit today according to Tom.  Tom said that his team is exceptionally strong and fast and were able to stay warm traveling at a pace that was quite a bit faster than most expeditions.  This crew continued on toward the summit and are doing fine up there.  *** Late night update: this team worked hard, but turned back at Denali Pass due to strong winds before reaching the summit.  We look forward to hearing all of stories these teams bring back!***

Denali West Buttress, 5/11, Todd Passey and his expedition are on their way to high camp as we speak.

Tom Torkelson's expedition will be acting as a welcoming committee for Todd Passey's team as they arrive into camp as well as for Tyson's team returning from a summit bid.

Everyone is doing fine on the mountain.  These are the only updates we have at the moment.

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