Friday, May 9, 2014

Denali West Buttress 5/9 - Torkelson

The AMS May 9 Denali West Buttress Team lead by AMS guides Tom Torkelson and Jeremiah Phelps have just departed on their flight to Kahlitna Glacier Basecamp.  Judging by how well the worked together and by quickly they finished gear check,  packing lunches and packing the van to head to the airport,  this team is really strong and ready. They will have a great time!

Chuck, Daryl, Lucy, Guide Tom Torkelson, Ankur, Nic, Guide Jeremiah Phelps

In addition to launching this Denali,  it has been really busy with other guides preparing the expeditions they will be leading in the next few days.

Busy day with AMS climbers and guides packing lunches in the AMS food room today.

AMS Guides Todd Passey, Nadev Oakes and Mark Postle discuss equipment for the mountain.

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