Saturday, June 7, 2014

An update via High Camp on the West Buttress

AMS guide Larry Holmgren, WB 5/26, called in a little bit ago from high camp.  He and his team made it up to high camp in good time today.  They were also able to manage a tent swap with AMS guide and owner, Colby Coombs.  Colby left high camp this morning and was in contact with Larry at 14K camp and they arranged for Colby to leave a tent up for them.  That means that Larry and his crew were able to go at least 14 pounds lighter on the move up today.  It also means that as soon as Larry and his team arrived in camp they already have a tent up so one of the guides can crawl in and fire up the stoves and get water and dinner going right away.  I bet Colby even had full pots of water waiting for them when they arrived.

Upper Portions of Denali, 17200' camp on bottom left.  Tom Falley photo

Climber on 16K Ridge Tom Falley Photo

Colby Coombs, Dan Corn and Jing Wang are waiting in Base Camp to fly out first thing in the morning if the weather is good.

Larry said that he heard from AMS guide Nate Opp, 5/23 WB a few hours ago in the radio.  At that time Nate was well on his way to the summit.  He was at Arch Deacon's Tower just before the football field.  Larry said that there was very little wind in camp.

Larry also said that Dustin English and his team were hoping to move up to High Camp tomorrow.

Previous AMS climbers climbing to the 16 K Ridge to move to 17,200' high camp.

Climbers nearing the 17,200 camp on the 16K ridge

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